I Love the illustration and design in these spots for Volvo (Lebanon). Interesting isometric-ish camera angles paired with quirky, detailed illustrations, creative lighting styles, and a bold color palette come together for a unique and beautiful look. Produced by Rumble.

Amazing self-initiated character walk cycle done entirely with cel animation from 2veinte and Juan Molinet. A lot of work was put into this, continue reading below for full credits.

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Really nice piece from Simon Appel, a young design & animation intern at Buck and Hyper Island student. This piece, which was apparently created a year ago, beautifully illustrates a series of Winston Churchill quotes about failure, courage, setbacks, and success.

Here is another insane VFX breakdown for Game of Thrones, this time focusing on season 4.
“Working for Stuttgart studio Mackevision, Jörn Großhans and Katharina Kessler, the Visual Effects Supervisor and Visual Effects Producer respectively, have been helping to bring Martin’s epic series to life, by subtly realising the worlds of Westeros and beyond.”


I recently stumbled across two great projects that feature short-form documentaries about creative influencers. Both sites feature a full archive of films covering some of the best and brightest in the industry. ‘The Creative Influence’ series is beautifully shot and focuses on professionals and how they find inspiration in the world. ‘Like Knows Like’ aims to share the personal side of their subjects, which is generally overshadowed by the work they create.




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Not To Scale director Steve Scott talks with DigitalArts about his recent direct-to-client project ‘Times The Charm’ for luxury shoe brand John Lobb, including some interesting thoughts on working directly with a brand versus through a traditional Ad agency.