I recently ran across the work of Noelia Lozano and this window display project really stood out to me. It has a style that’s been pretty popular in motion design the past couple years, and at first glance I thought it may be something created digitally. On further inspection I found out Noelia is pretty handy with an Exacto knife and seems to have a knack for creating bright and dynamic paper craft designs. As you can see in the process video, it’s no easy task to create this stuff.

The very talented and prolific Julien Vallee is coming out with a monograph, Rock Paper Scissors soon. Apparently with piles of behind the scenes process photos and things. Definitely going to have to pick this one up

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Legwork recently launched a new site for Diesel. The Diesel denim micro-site is an extension of the Diesel Island campaign created to showcase mens and womens denim for the season. The site is built on HTML 5 and utilizes CSS3 features like transforms and transitions.



Some small sketches I made recently for a project that I won’t tell you about until much later. Just a little design exploration. For now look at these…



Lots of inspiring type design and bright colorful things of Eli Carrico, former BNS designer/art director, and current gunslinger and avid cyclist.

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Mike McQuade has some beautiful design work in his portfolio. Based in Chicago Mike covers all the angles from art direction and illustration, to posters and web design. I love the fact that his work is clean and contemporary, yet he flawlessly integrates texture or hand-crafted elements.

The image posted above is from a self initiated project that aims to create a poster design for every US state. Continue reading for more about the project and some studio shots of the print run.

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