To launch the all-new Ford C-MAX Hybrids with the goal of breaking through the Prius-dominated hybrid market, Team Detroit have introduced a series of broadcast spots, and other campaign assets featuring the world-famous La Linea character from the Milan-based Quipos agency.

To collaborate with Quipos and handle the project’s ambitious production, visual effects and post-production challenges, Team Detroit brought in Shilo and its co-founder Jose Gomez. “We truly had a stellar team of animators, compositors, and 3D artists onboard for the transitions for this campaign,” Jose continued. “Once the edit was locked, they integrated the final moments of the 2D animation previs with their 2D and 3D renders and passed the final cleanup, composite and conform over to Flame artist Nic Seresin. To optimize the transition animation and ensure the highest quality for the composite, we brought in a Flame suite specifically for this project.”

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Pause Fest 2012 will be screening the world premiere of Leviathan’s visually astounding short film entitled “Lilith”. As the studio’s first original narrative film, Lilith presents the chilling story of an isolated, dystopian future seen through the eyes of a young woman whose life is all-consumed by her interactive device.

“Our ambition was to create a short yet thought-provoking social commentary piece regarding technology and isolation,” he began. “At Leviathan, we are fascinated by the concept that our devices connect us and also divide us into different spaces. In an increasingly connected world, a social paradox arises when so many get lost in their own devices, tuning out the real world around them. Our piece contemplates how an individual’s future might appear through this lens of isolation.”

Marie Hyon and Marco Spier of Psyop Speak at TEDxEast.

Surprised we haven’t properly linked Brian Gossett’s portfolio here before. It’s full of bold, colorful, and textured design and illustration for both motion and print, not to mention he’s also capable of shiny, glossy, and 3D-y looks as demonstrated in his work for Apple TV and ESPNU.

However, I just remembered that we did post a comparative pitch article involving him and our very own Evan DiLeo a while back, check it out here.

Our bros at Denver motion shop Friends Of Mine bring this killer title sequence for the 2012 ADCD awards show. Solid sound design work from Dynamite Laser Beam.

Amazing blog from Andreas Deja, a 30 year Disney animator, showcasing some of the process, art, and history from many classic Disney films. Inspiring and humbling, spend some time looking through this stuff.