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Hot damn, I love this piece. Personally, I find it really exciting that people are more often exploring alternate animation techniques, especially traditional and cel styles. Ruff Mercy directed, edited, and “fucked with” this video for House Shoes x Danny Brown track “Sweet”. I realized this design looked pretty similar to the work of Maxime Bruneel, looking into Ruff Mercy I found out that Maxime is part of the collective (although I don’t think he worked on this video). If you’re interested in the technique they used for this piece, you might find some insight by reading our feature interview we did with Maxime a while back, get on it.

Beautifully illustrated and animated final film from Team Rhapsodie at the Gobelins school of animation. The students from this place can do no wrong it seems. Everything here stands out, from the shot compositions, the dark blacks against the muted colors, the loose line art – It’s a classic storybook come to life.