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Great work from Golden Wolf, a London based animation studio and sister company of I Love Dust.

Surprised we haven’t properly linked Brian Gossett’s portfolio here before. It’s full of bold, colorful, and textured design and illustration for both motion and print, not to mention he’s also capable of shiny, glossy, and 3D-y looks as demonstrated in his work for Apple TV and ESPNU.

However, I just remembered that we did post a comparative pitch article involving him and our very own Evan DiLeo a while back, check it out here.

Beautifully illustrated and animated final film from Team Rhapsodie at the Gobelins school of animation. The students from this place can do no wrong it seems. Everything here stands out, from the shot compositions, the dark blacks against the muted colors, the loose line art – It’s a classic storybook come to life.

Friend and colleague Chris Cox recently launched a site focusing specifically on his illustration work. He’s been cranking out a lot of work lately, much of it a nod to his love of movie posters. On top of being a great illustrator, he’s also a top notch designer, don’t forget to check out his design work and blog at