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Nice interview with Orion Tate, a creative director at Buck, from Amsterdams Submarine Channel. As one of the most inspiring shops out there, it’s great to hear a little insight into their process.

A new animated music video hit the internet last week that not only caught my attention, but apparently 30,000 other people in the span of 7 days based on it’s Vimeo stats. It’s a colorful, intricate, and psychedelic visual for the song Jeez Louise by the band Secret Skwirl. As I began digging into the credits of the video I found it was created by Maxime Bruneel. I had seen other work from Maxime in the past, and I became curious about how Maxime executes his unique style from start to finish.

Giant Child had the opportunity to ask Maxime some questions about his process on this project, how he works with clients, what tools he uses and more.

Giant Child: First of all, thanks for taking the time for this interview Maxime. Please tell us a bit about yourself – where are you from, what’s your background?

Maxine Bruneel: I am 26, from France, I studied Art Direction at Penninghen, in Paris, and Motion Design at SVA, NYC. After I graduated (2009) from Penninghen, I moved to London for one year working on different projects, mostly music videos, but also few commercials. After that I settled in New York for a while and I now I’m back to Paris!

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