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Great Ted Talk on storytelling from Andrew Stanton, director of Toy Story, Finding Nemo, Wall-E, and most recently John Carter. Take notes.

While in Portland two weeks ago I picked up a book called The Pixar Touch. It’s an in-depth history of how Pixar came to be. The above video is talked about in detail in the book, and is touted as one of (maybe the first) computer generated 3D animations. It was created by Ed Catumll (the Co-Founder of Pixar) and his colleagues while at the University of Utah. It’s crazy seeing this, especially after reading about the process of making it. Check out the story of how it got on Vimeo here.


We recently ran across the illustration work of Andrew Kolb while browsing Pixar’s blog “The Pixar Times”. In a section called Pixart, artists are invited to do their take on Pixar films. Rather than using one film as his inspiration, Andrew chose to create an illustration with a reference to every Pixar film up until Toy Story 3. Yes, every film! The piece turned out amazing – and was very unique compared to the other submissions that surrounded it. This sort of dedication and creativity is apparent in all of Andrews work, which ranges from t-shirt graphics to magazines, to art shows and wooden toys. We had the chance to ask Andrew a few questions about his influences, process, and what it’s like working with clients as a freelance illustrator.

Giant Child: Thanks for taking the time to talk with us. Please tell us a bit about yourself – Who are you? Where are you from? What’s your background in art and design?

Andrew Kolb: Well, my name is Andrew Kolb and I hail from Kitchener, Ontario, Canada. I studied graphic design at the Conestoga College for Applied Art and Design and then continued in Australia at Griffith University. I was predominately a designer for quite some time but always preferred to offer an illustrative solution. As I went on I found the work I enjoyed most occurred when illustration was involved and over time I shifted from one to the other. Now I illustrate, design (though now I’m rather focused regarding the clients I collaborate with) and teach illustration back at Conestoga College. It’s the circle of life!

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This new interactive story “The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore” for the iPad has been making the rounds since it was posted on Fastcompany a couple days ago. The interactive book and short film were authored, illustrated and animated by ex-Pixar employee William Joyce in collaboration with the crew at Moonbot Studios. William is an accomplished illustrator and animator who’s done everything from cover art for the New Yorker, to character design for Pixar, Dreamworks and Disney. The preview of the interactive book above makes me want to purchase the iPad just so I can get this – and if my daughter is lucky I’ll let her read it too! Continue reading to view the film trailer.

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