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Here is another insane VFX breakdown for Game of Thrones, this time focusing on season 4.
“Working for Stuttgart studio Mackevision, Jörn Großhans and Katharina Kessler, the Visual Effects Supervisor and Visual Effects Producer respectively, have been helping to bring Martin’s epic series to life, by subtly realising the worlds of Westeros and beyond.”


I recently stumbled across two great projects that feature short-form documentaries about creative influencers. Both sites feature a full archive of films covering some of the best and brightest in the industry. ‘The Creative Influence’ series is beautifully shot and focuses on professionals and how they find inspiration in the world. ‘Like Knows Like’ aims to share the personal side of their subjects, which is generally overshadowed by the work they create.




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Not To Scale director Steve Scott talks with DigitalArts about his recent direct-to-client project ‘Times The Charm’ for luxury shoe brand John Lobb, including some interesting thoughts on working directly with a brand versus through a traditional Ad agency.

“Lobo takes us on a vibrant voyage through India, Pakistan and Bangladesh in VCCP’s new O2 International Sim commercial.”

This is an in-depth process piece on how the São Paulo based studio Lobo created the film, interpreting artwork with a new vision, taking 2D art from various artists from each country and bringing it to life in a 3D world and the challenges of keeping the integrity of the original art.


This is a beautiful piece (and a huge technical achievement) from directors Elliot Dear, Yves Geleyn with Hornet inc. for the John Lewis Christmas campaign. From the press release: ‘The innovative combination of animated techniques involved in creating it are unprecedented. The marriage of traditional hand-drawn 2D animation with stop-frame model animation creates a tangible world full of texture and detail that conveys the honesty behind the John Lewis Christmas message.’ Watch the process video above to get a sense of the amount of work that went into this, check out the finished piece below.


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I remember seeing this short film a while back, and have been meaning to post this making-of. This is a nice walk-through of the process that went into creating the film, from concept art to modeling and texturing. See the full film here.