Thornberg & Forester – The Gift of Togetherness

Strong piece for Ronald McDonald Charities via DDB Chicago, produced by Thornberg & Forester. The message is powerful, and the charity is important. T&F did an outstanding job of creating a beautiful animated spot that doesn’t overwhelm the story or goal of the initiative.

With the ambitious goal of raising $1 million by December 31, 2012, the Charity has launched a campaign using innovative multimedia strategies to unite people around its cause, and help them understand the impact its family-centered programs have on improving the health and wellbeing of children and compel them to donate. If you believe in the cause and feel like making donations, you can find more info at

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For T&F, the project was led by co-founder, principal and director Scott Matz. His team included art director/designer Kyle Miller, designers Kyle Hurley and Frank Pichel and animators Jorge Peschiera, Joe Lawrence, Mike Burgoyne and Ken Krueger.

“Our friends at DDB Chicago conceived a very thoughtful campaign to elegantly connect images and textures that manifest in sync with the audio story,” Matz began. “The ribbon ultimately wraps a special gift, initiating a call-to-action to support Ronald McDonald House Charities by inviting donations… and to get there, we follow Erin Maley’s powerful testimonial.

“To support the fluid nature of Erin’s story, we designed smart, simple graphics (some metaphorical) and fluid transitions,” he continued. “We distilled and refined our storyboards until the graphic language and tone were perfect. We also did a great deal of ‘ribbon R&D’ to compare 2D versus 3D solutions, textures, other physical properties and motion dynamics. Ultimately, our goal was to tell the story in a seamless and clever way, as if the graphics were filmed in-camera as one, continuous journey.”

Upon approval of the final storyboards, T&F animator and compositor Jorge Peschiera took on the role of lead animator, dividing 2D and 3D responsibilities between two teams and artfully uniting the end results. Among many important technical approaches that impacted the final results, T&F artists working in Maxon Cinema 4D exported their 3D cameras into Adobe After Effects.

As the deadline for the spot’s delivery and debut arrived, T&F’s team in New York City faced a considerable challenge: Hurricane Sandy. Despite having no power in NYC, Peschiera and T&F producer Kelsey Thomson put in a great deal of extra effort and pulled out all the stops to keep in contact with DDB and deliver the custom :30 version, right on time.