Death of a Pitch

Stephen Kelleher, Aaron Bjork, Brian Gossett and Myself were all asked to produced boards for an eHarmony spot that (we think) never will be. Aaron and myself in LA working at Laundry, and Stephen and Gossett for Natl in NY and LA respectively.

Stephens Frames:


I  had a similar (though less simple) idea. Rather than a venn diagram, I had several illustrations where the characters locked up together almost in the style of a playing card with elements around them describing interests or attributes. The similar interests overlap in the same way.

My frames here:


My good friend Aaron Bjork pitched for it as well with a more exquisite corpse type of idea matching up various attributes of people and then creating couples from the mashed up characters.

Aaron’s Frames:


Brian did a set with lots of icons and different couples. And some fun tiling panels…

Brians Frames:


Anyway, here’s at least an interesting case study of several designers given the same brief and asked to solve the same problems. Interesting to see the similar devices and where things diverge.